Sorry, Internet.


Really, with the elder god on your head? What is that, the coif of Cthulhu?

Lips like a lamprey eel? It’s all right. Nobody’s perfect.
Face like squashed plasticine? Don’t worry. Age gets us all.
But you can afford a haircut. Yes. Get a haircut.

…uh, sorry, Internet. I don’t know. This was going to be a zombie. Something happened.

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Underworld Friend


Underworld Friend (2.5″ x 2.5″) – $200 CAD – e-mail me at, if you want this.

This is what’s farming humanoid creatures for food, in Larry Niven’s incredibly creepy short story, “Bordered in Black.”

Just kidding. It’s a bird. Look how soft its feathers are! Don’t you want to touch it?

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Hobo Halo


Hobo Halo (about 2.5″ x 4″)

A wee, quick selfie, which I believe captures my essential scruffiness rather nicely. I even have a little halo of dust. This is why policemen try to shoo me off my own front doorstep, and shopkeepers watch me very closely.

Somehow, this happens even when I’m wearing Chanel. I think it’s my hair.

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The Ultimate Vomit Clown

Back in high school, I used to sit at my desk, and try to draw the “ultimate vomit clown”–a clown so horrible, so terrifying, the person sitting next to me would actually vomit. Fortunately (especially for me–I HATE vomit!) I never succeeded.


Ultimate Vomit Clown (2.5″ x 2.5″) – $200 CAD – e-mail me at, if you need this disgusting clown in your life.

Un tal gioco, credetemi, รจ meglio non giocarlo con me….

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Strange Fish


Listening to music, thinking about weird deep-sea fish, doodling a doodle…. Well, one has to have fun, sometimes.

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It’s my desk….


My desk; some clutter.

Those two bronze rats have been migrating around my apartment like mad, lately. They started out on my bookcase, but I put a TV there, so they moved to my desk. Then, I got a lot of new ink, and needed the desk space, so they went in the kitchen. But their creepy silhouettes on top of the fridge kept scaring me, when I wandered in for a midnight drink, so they were exiled to the living room.

At the moment, they’re sitting on my sofa, one on each arm, guarding a bunch of junk mail that’s piled up around them.

I need a little knick-knack shelf.

j j j

Old person


Oldbie (2.5″ x 2.5″) – $100 CAD – e-mail, if you want it!

Today, I was walking, and I saw an old person with one eye set kind of higher than the other.

It was more interesting, though, that this person had many wrinkles, but still looked oddly youthful. I, on the other hand, tend to look at least 100.

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Hairy Batman Goes AWOL


It’s Hairy Batman, showing off his hairy bat signal!

Every once in a while, when I’m warming up for the day, Hairy Batman appears on my sketchpad…. This version, where he’s flashing his hairy batsignal, floated into being some time last autumn.

A couple of months before THAT, there was another version of him, an even sillier version, in which one could see his hairy batnipples, a little bit. But I saved it on Facebook, and Facebook deleted it, because little black smudges of ink, denoting nipples, are forbidden. I have no record of that version. If anyone happened to save it, y’know, to laugh at later, or something, please send it to me. In case I ever, I don’t know, present a portfolio of hairy Batmen to DC Comics, in hopes of being offered a job, or…eh, something.

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