Hairy Batman Goes AWOL


It’s Hairy Batman, showing off his hairy bat signal!

Every once in a while, when I’m warming up for the day, Hairy Batman appears on my sketchpad…. This version, where he’s flashing his hairy batsignal, floated into being some time last autumn.

A couple of months before THAT, there was another version of him, an even sillier version, in which one could see his hairy batnipples, a little bit. But I saved it on Facebook, and Facebook deleted it, because little black smudges of ink, denoting nipples, are forbidden. I have no record of that version. If anyone happened to save it, y’know, to laugh at later, or something, please send it to me. In case I ever, I don’t know, present a portfolio of hairy Batmen to DC Comics, in hopes of being offered a job, or…eh, something.